Hofmann & Fertig advises companies throughout their entire lifecycle: from incorporation to satisfaction of ongoing tax obligations to dissolution or winding up (including in the event of sale, restructuring, succession or liquidation). When establishing a new company or making an investment, questions regularly arise as to the appropriate legal structure of that company or investment from a tax optimisation perspective. Similarly, to finance business ideas, traditional start-ups often organise so-called financing rounds, in which investors usually provide the necessary financial resources in return for shares or silent partnerships. Consideration of tax issues is important in all aspects of establishing and running a business or attracting Investment. Hofmann & Fertig have the expertise and knowhow to satisfy your tax advice needs.

When founding a company, questions regularly arise as to the appropriate legal form. Furthermore, investments shall be structured in tax-optimized manner. To finance business ideas, traditional start-ups often organise so-called financing rounds, in which investors usually provide the necessary financial resources in return for shares or silent partnerships.

The interests of companies are often not aligned with those of the tax authorities and this can lead to circumstances where tax related disputes between companies and tax authorities cannot be resolved by way of an ongoing tax field audit and, in order to protect the rights of companies, may instead need to be escalated to appeal or legal proceedings. Further, in some cases, companies may have a legitimate argument for protection or exemption from taxes due to the uncertainty of application of tax laws and regulations based on constitutional or European law grounds. As an example of this, it was unclear for many years as to whether the so-called restructuring clause of sec. 8c para. 1a Corporate Income Tax Act constituted inadmissible state aid under European law and therefore could not be applied. This meant that sec. 8c para. 1a Corporate Income Tax Act was suspended and could not be applied before the Court of Justice of the European Union made its final decision in this case. After years of uncertainty, the Court of Justice of the European Union’s ruling in June 2018 clarified this situation. Pursuant to this ruling, the German tax legislator revised and clarified the application of this restructuring clause to provide further certainty to businesses and individuals. Hofmann & Fertig have and will continue to follow the developments in this regard.

In the case of cross-border activities of companies, there is basically the opportunity of not recording the same facts but also the risk of the same facts being recorded in two jurisdictions. Germany has concluded conventions for the avoidance of double taxation with most industrialized countries for income tax purposes. These agreements thus form the regulatory basis between the states in order to share the tax substrate between the states in the case of cross-border activities of companies.

The applications are manifold. Essentially, the rights of taxation shall be allocated to one or the other state, for example which portion of the profits of a company shall be allocated to the enterprise and which portion shall be allocated to a permanent establishment; which state has the right to tax dividends, interest or licenses. Can the state of source withhold taxes and, if so, to what extent, and can the taxes withheld be reimbursed or credited in the home country?

When acquiring target companies, investment structures are generally established in which the income from repatriation and sale is burdened as little as possible by taxes. At the target company, the remaining tax risks must be allocated through appropriate tax clauses in the purchase agreement between seller and buyer.

In cases where a company’s equity is almost or already used up and restructuring measures are pending, transaction costs from restructuring such as taxes should be avoided wherever possible in order to protect the proceeds of the company.

This can involve a wide range of tax issues. For example, there are often shareholder loans that shall be restructured in order to prevent the company from over indebtedness. In this context, subordination agreements are regularly concluded or waivers of claims by the shareholders are examined. After the application so-called restructuring decree of the tax authorities was denied by the Federal German Tax Court in 2017 (most recently, for example, Federal German Tax Court resolution of 16 April 2018, X B 13/18), the legislature has now created statutory provisions in sec. 3a ITA and § 7b TTA according to which restructuring profits are not subject to tax under the conditions described therein. However, the provisions of sec. 3a ITA and § 7b TTA can only come into force after approval by the EU Commission.

Im Lebenszyklus von Unternehmen kommt es regelmäßig vor, dass die gewählte Rechtsform oder Struktur an geänderte Rahmenbedingungen anzupassen ist.

Die Gründe sind mannigfaltig. Während in manchen Fällen die Haftung begrenzt werden soll, soll in anderen die Struktur vereinfacht oder für mögliche Erwerber oder Nachfolger vorbereitet werden. In den Fällen der Umstrukturierung sollen meist Transaktionskosten wie Steuern möglichst verhindert werden. Von daher sind einschlägige Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen insbesondere im Bereich des Umwandlungsteuer- sowie Grunderwerbsteuerrechts erforderlich. Einige Beispiele von Umstrukturierungen, die wir steuerlich begleitet haben, können Sie hier einsehen.

Hofmann & Fertig advises on the identification and quantification of tax risks in connection with acquisitions in order to determine the purchase price and negotiate the tax clause in the purchase agreements. The scope and intensity of the tax due diligence are determined according to the needs of the acquirer. Depending on the scope of the investment and the possible risks associated with it, the results of the tax due diligence can be summarized in so-called red flag reports or in detailed reports.

In some cases, legal uncertainties remain despite thorough research undertaken, for example because there are no relevant or contradictory court rulings or opinions provided by the tax authorities. In order to exclude or at least minimize remaining risks, it may in some cases make sense to apply for so-called binding ruling from the responsible tax office. Binding rulings can only be given if it refers to a planned action and therefore was not implemented yet. The tax office charges a fee for processing the binding ruling.

Services for individuals


Hofmann & Fertig advices individuals in national and international tax matters, for example in the context of succession (estate/gifts) or the preparation of ongoing tax returns. Hofmann & Fertig also advises on a project-related basis, e.g. on the tax-optimised acquisition of real estate, expatriates or voluntary disclosure.

Hofmann & Fertig provides services to individuals in particular in the following areas:

Due to the increasing internationalisation of companies, the cross-border deployment of employees is becoming increasingly important. During the preparation and processing of the foreign assignment, many special tax issues arise. Hofmann & Fertig advises private individuals on the taxation of their income, the calculation of tax equalisation procedures/hypothetical taxes, net wage agreements and the taxation of employee remuneration models (e.g. stock options) within the framework of their assignment from Germany abroad or from abroad to Germany. Hofmann & Fertig also provides tax advice to cross-border commuters, expatriates and relocations as well as wage tax treatment by the employer.

Tax provisions are subject to constant reforms. Hofmann & Fertig advises individuals on forthcoming changes to the law with regard on how these changes will affect the current situation, how individuals will benefit or how adverse consequences can be avoided if possible.

Increasingly far-reaching international disclosure practices and information exchanges between jurisdictions as well as relaxed banking confidentiality increase the risk of discovery of untaxed sources. Hofmann & Fertig supports and advises private individuals in the preparation of voluntary disclosures and assists them in criminal tax proceedings.

Tax assessment notices issued by the tax authorities are often not correct. According to statistics from the Federal Ministry of Finance, two out of three appeals are successful. Hofmann & Fertig supports individuals in reviewing their tax assessment notices and asserting their claims in the context of appeal proceedings. If the tax office does not follow the legal opinion of the taxpayer during the appeal proceeding, it is possible to have your tax case resolved before a tax court.

In some cases, legal uncertainties remain despite thorough research undertaken, for example because there are no relevant or contradictory court rulings or opinions provided by the tax authorities. In order to exclude or at least minimize remaining risks, it may in some cases make sense to apply for so-called binding ruling with the responsible tax office. Binding rulings can only be provided by the tax office if it refers to a planned action and therefore was not implemented yet. The tax office charges a fee for processing the binding ruling.

Individuals want to take precautions, transfer their assets to the next generation, have no descendants or looking for solutions as to how the assets can be transferred in a tax-optimized manner or the inheritance has already occurred. Hofmann & Fertig advises individuals in the context of succession planning as well as in inheritance cases; more information can be found here.

Hofmann & Fertig advises individuals on the tax consequences of relocating their domicile and declaring their income in Germany. Hofmann & Fertig has an international network and are able to provide cross-border solutions.
Individuals who intend to move from Germany to another country or move from abroad to Germany often face tax consequences. Hofmann & Fertig advises individuals on the tax consequences of relocating their domicile and declaring their income in Germany. This may apply, for example, in cases in which an individual intending to change its residency holds a significant interest in a corporation. Therefore, the change of residency should be carefully planned in advance.

If individuals own assets in another jurisdiction or earn foreign income, or if they intend to move from Germany to another jurisdiction or vice versa, international tax provisions apply. In cross-border situations, questions concerning international tax law are relevant; often conventions for the avoidance of double taxation between Germany and the respective country must also be taken into account. Hofmann & Fertig has the relevant expertise to represent individuals in international tax matters.

Hofmann & Fertig supports private individuals in preparing their current income tax returns, corporate and trade tax returns, VAT returns, inheritance tax returns and gift tax returns.

Hofmann & Fertig provides support in the acquisition and sale of real estate (income tax, real estate transfer tax, value added tax), in the ongoing determination of income, also in case when real estate is held through transparent or intransparent vehicles, in the context of succession planning and in the valuation of real estate.
During an acquisition, holding and modernisation of real estate assets, tax planning options can be used. Tax arrangements are also particularly suitable for arrangements between close relatives, for example when real estate is rented to family members.

Hofmann & Fertig advises individuals on tax-optimised structuring of their affairs.
According to supreme court rulings, it is generally accepted that relatives who typically lack a conflict of interests are allowed to structure their legal relationships among themselves as favourably as possible from a tax perspective and that the motive of saving taxes does not yet make a tax structure inappropriate. A legal form is usually only inappropriate if the taxpayer does not use the form envisaged by the legislator to achieve a certain economic goal, but instead chooses an unusual or artificial way in which the goal is not to be attainable according to the assessments of the legislator.

Individuals often receive severance payments within the course of employer restructuring programmes. Hofmann & Fertig advises private individuals on the tax effects of severance payments, including cases when individuals intend to change their residency.

Tax field audits are also permissible, for private individuals with high income. This applies in particular to individuals with annual income in excess of EUR 500,000. Since 2010, individuals are obliged to keep tax-relevant records and documents for six years. Hofmann & Fertig supports individuals during tax field audits carried out by the tax authorities.

Steuerberatung für Nachfolgeplanung


Hofmann & Fertig begleitet Sie als Unternehmer oder Privatperson bundesweit bei der (steueroptimierten) Übergabe Ihres Unternehmensvermögens bzw. privaten Vermögens zu Lebzeiten oder von Todes wegen. Nach der Identifizierung Ihrer Wünsche und Bedürfnisse zeigt Ihnen Hofmann & Fertig individuelle Lösungen für die Übergabe Ihres Vermögens auf und setzt diese mit Ihnen um. Eine frühzeitige Planung ist für eine gelungene Übergabe oftmals essentiell.

Hofmann & Fertig berät zudem auch Erben bzw. Beschenkte bei steuerlichen Fragen nach erfolgten Vermögensübergang, z.B. wenn es um die Erstellung von Steuererklärungen oder Themen wie Erbauseinandersetzung, Auslandsvermögen oder Vermächtnisse geht.

Hofmann & Fertig berät Sie insbesondere bei folgenden Themen:

Hofmann & Fertig unterstützt Sie z.B. im Rahmen von Erbschaften und Schenkungen oder im Rahmen von Scheidungsverfahren bei der Bewertung Ihres privaten Vermögens, wie z.B. Anteilen an vermögensverwaltenden Gesellschaften oder Immobilienvermögen.

Hofmann & Fertig erstellt für Sie Erbschaftsteuersteuererklärungen oder Schenkungssteuererklärungen und nimmt die notwendigen Bewertungen des vererbten/verschenkten Vermögens vor.

Hofmann & Fertig zeigt Ihnen steuerliche Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten auf, um Ihr Unternehmen auf die nächste Generation oder einen nicht Familienangehörigen zu übertragen. Gegebenenfalls sind Umstrukturierungen erforderlich, eine Vielzahl an familiären Gesprächen zu führen oder Käufer zu finden, was eine rechtzeitige Planung erforderlich macht.

Hofmann & Fertig unterstützt z.B. Steuerberater, Rechtsanwälte oder Notare bei steuerlichen Fragestellungen im Zusammenhang mit Erbschaften und Schenkungen. Mehr dazu finden Sie hier.

Die Anzahl der Immobilieneigentümer in Deutschland steigt. Hofmann & Fertig unterstützt Sie bei der steueroptimalen Übertragung Ihres im Privatvermögen oder über vermögensverwaltende Gesellschaften gehaltenen Immobilienvermögen. Sie erhalten auf Sie zugeschnittene individuelle Übertragungsmöglichkeiten aufgezeigt, auch im Hinblick auf die Nutzung von Familienmitgliedern als steuersparendes Übertragungsmodell.

Nicht zuletzt seit Inkrafttreten der EU-Erbrechtsverordnung in 2012 kommt es zunehmend zu Fallgestaltungen, bei denen nicht mehr nur das deutsche Erb- und Steuerrecht Anwendung findet, sondern auch das ausländische Recht Anwendung findet. Dies kann zum bösen Erwachen bei internationalen Erbschaften und Schenkungen führen, so dass besonders in diesen Fällen frühzeitige Überlegungen anzustellen sind. Hofmann & Fertig berät Sie bei grenzüberschreitenden Nachfolgelösungen.

Hofmann & Fertig berät Sie im Rahmen der Erb- oder Schenkungsteuer zu den immer häufiger vorkommenden Fällen, dass Kinder im Ausland studieren oder leben, sich Unternehmen im Ausland befinden, ein Wegzug ins Ausland geplant ist, um dort Ihren Lebensabend zu genießen oder Sie erhalten Vermögen, welches sich im Ausland befindet. Beispielsweise kann es bei der folgenden Fallkonstellation zu Schwierigkeiten kommen: Sie haben ein Testament nach deutschem Recht aufgesetzt und wohnen ganz oder den überwiegenden Teil des Jahres im Ausland, z.B. in Spanien. Hofmann & Fertig berät Sie in diesen Fällen hinsichtlich der steuerlichen Auswirkungen und zeigt Ihnen Lösungsoptionen auf.

Was passiert, wenn Sie als Unternehmer bzw. Unternehmerin plötzlich ausfallen?

Der Notfallkoffer empfiehlt sich im Falle eines unvorhergesehenen temporären Ausfalls oder Ablebens.

  • Wichtige Informationen bündeln sich oft in einer Person und sind meist nicht dokumentiert. Im Falle eines Ausfalls bzw. Ablebens des Unternehmers bzw. der Unternehmerin haben es die Nachfolger bzw. Vertreter oft schwer, die notwendigen Informationen und Unterlagen zu erlangen. Dadurch kann die Fortführung des Unternehmens gefährdet werden. Es können Kundenabwanderungen oder eine Minderung des Unternehmenswertes drohen. Um dem vorzubeugen, empfiehlt sich die Erstellung eines Notfallkoffers.
  • Im Notfallkoffer werden alle wichtigen Informationen und Unterlagen zusammengefasst wie z.B. Informationen über ein eventuelles Testament, Benennung eines Vertreters, Passwörter, wichtige Verträge, Kundeninformationen.
  • Der Notfallkoffer kann in Form eines physischen Ordners, Schnellhefter oder auch in digitaler Form errichtet werden.

Erfolgreich ist ein Notfallkoffer dann, wenn er individualisiert ist und demnach alle Besonderheiten des Einzelfalls berücksichtigt. Die Erfahrung zeigt, dass die Erstellung eines Notfallkoffers während der Lebenszeit des Unternehmens oft eine einfache Routineaufgabe ist. Dagegen müssen Ihre Vertreter bzw. Nachfolger im Fall der Fälle ein Vielfaches der Zeit aufwenden. Zudem besteht die Gefahr des Unternehmensstillstands.

Wir unterstützen Sie gerne bei der Erstellung Ihres individuellen Notfallkoffers.

Hofmann & Fertig berät Sie bei der steueroptimierten Übertragung ihres privaten Vermögens. Es werden Ihnen Möglichkeiten aufgezeigt, ihr Vermögen, wie z.B. Wertpapiere, Lebensversicherungen, Immobilien, Anteile an z.B. vermögensverwaltenden Personengesellschaften oder das Familienheim z.B. im Rahmen der vorweggenommenen Erbfolge zu übertragen. Bei den Überlegungen ist auch immer Ihre finanzielle zukünftige Situation zu bedenken, es kann durchaus schon Vermögen übertragen werden und dennoch können Sie sich daraus die Erträge vorbehalten, wie beispielsweise bei Nießbrauchsgestaltungen.

Auch wenn Sie kinderlos sind und keine direkten Nachkommen haben oder Sie von Gesetzes wegen erbberechtigten Familienmitgliedern nicht bedenken möchten, zeigt Ihnen Hofmann & Fertig Optionen auf, ihr aufgebautes Vermögen (steuerschonend) zu übertragen, so dass dieses nicht an den Staat fällt. In diesen Fällen kann eventuell auch die Gründung einer Stiftung interessant sein.

Hofmann & Fertig berät auch zukünftige Erben bzw. Beschenkte, falls Sie Vermögen übertragen bekommen haben und sich daraus steuerliche Fragestellungen ergeben.

Hofmann & Fertig lässt Sie „Probesterben“. Auch wenn es zunächst etwas skurril klingt, hilft es den Erbfall und die daraus folgenden steuerlichen Konsequenzen zu simulieren, um eventuellen Handlungsbedarf aufzudecken. Wenn es zu einem plötzlichen Ausfall des Unternehmers kommt oder auch der Privatperson, kann es zu unerwünschten steuerlichen bzw. erbrechtlichen Folgen kommen, die bislang unbeobachtet geblieben sind.

Hofmann & Fertig schaut sich gemeinsam mit Ihnen zu Beginn des Probesterbens an, welche Vermögenswerte vorhanden sind und welche Vorkehrungen Sie bislang getroffen haben. Auf dieser Grundlage werden Ihnen die erbrechtlichen und erbschaftsteuerlichen Konsequenzen aufgezeigt. Oftmals spiegelt sich in diesem Ergebnis nicht ihr Wunsch wieder. Lesen Sie hierzu unseren Beitrag für einen Unternehmer. Für eine Privatperson beispielsweise kann es zu unliebsamen Überraschungen kommen, wenn das Vermögen auf Familienmitglieder übergehen würde, die sie auf keinen Fall bedenken möchte.

Das Probesterben ist die Basis für die Gestaltungsberatung. Hofmann & Fertig zeigt Ihnen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten auf, welche Ihren individuellen Wünschen und Bedürfnissen entsprechen.

Hofmann & Fertig zeigt Ihnen die steuerlichen Folgen ihrer gewählten Testamentsregelung auf oder unterstützt Sie bei den steuerlichen Aspekten beim Aufsetzen eines Testaments. Ein Großteil der selbstverfassten Testamente sind unwirksam, weil beispielsweise die Form nicht eingehalten wurde. Es kommt immer wieder zu Streitigkeiten in der Familie, weil Testamente ausgelegt werden müssen, da diese nicht sauber verfasst wurden. Dies kann zu langjährigen Streitigkeiten führen. Hierfür existieren genug Beispiele hinsichtlich bekannter Persönlichkeiten in den Medien.

Das Berliner Testament beispielsweise ist aus steuerlicher Sicht oftmals nicht empfehlenswert, weil hierdurch Erbschaftsteuer entsteht, welche vermieden werden könnte. Mehr dazu siehe hier.

Hofmann & Fertig zeigt Ihnen die steuerlichen Folgen Ihres gewählten bzw. gewünschten Güterstandes auf. Ehegatten beispielsweise im Güterstand der Gütertrennungen verschenken den steuerfreien Zugewinnausgleich im Erbfall. Hier würde sich eventuell eine (modifizierte) Zugewinngemeinschaft anbieten.

Auch die sogenannte Güterstandsschaukel ist ein von der Finanzverwaltung anerkanntes Modell um Vermögen steuerschonend an den Ehegatten zu übertragen. Hat beispielsweise ein Ehepartner, welcher im gesetzlichen Güterstand der Zugewinngemeinschaft lebt, ein Vermögen von 2 Million Euro und der andere Ehepartner kein Vermögen und möchte Erstgenannter auf seinen Ehepartner Vermögen über den Freibetrag von 500.000 Euro hinaus übertragen, würde im Falle der Übertragung Schenkungsteuer anfallen. Um diese Schenkungsteuer zu umgehen, kann das Ehepaar durch notariellen Vertrag vom Güterstand der Zugewinngemeinschaft in den Güterstand der Gütertrennung übergehen. Hierdurch wird der Zugewinnausgleichsanspruch ausgelöst, der nicht der Schenkungsteuer unterliegt. Danach kann das Ehepaar wieder in den Güterstand der Zugewinngemeinschaft wechseln. Somit könnten 1 Million Euro auf den anderen Ehepartner steuerfrei übertragen werden.

Hofmann & Fertig führt für Sie als Unternehmer, Käufer, Verkäufer, Erbe, Beschenkten oder aber auch als Leistung für Steuerberater, Rechtsanwälte oder Notare die Bewertung von Unternehmen durch. Angefangen über das vereinfachte Ertragswertverfahren, über eine modifizierte IDW S1 Bewertung bis hin zum IDW S1. Da das Verfahren nach IDW S1 nicht immer gefordert und dieses Verfahren recht aufwendig ist und teilweise auch keine anderen Ergebnisse liefert als einfachere Verfahren bietet Ihnen Hofmann & Fertig zunächst eine sogenannte Wertindikation an. Dieses Verfahren überprüft den nach dem vereinfachten Ertragswertverfahren ermittelte Unternehmenswert und ist kostengünstiger als ein komplettes IDW S1 Gutachten.

Hofmann & Fertig erstellt für Privatpersonen Anträge auf verbindliche Auskunft, um mögliche Rechtsunsicherheiten nach Möglichkeit im Vorfeld auszuräumen. Teilweise lassen sich Sachverhalte steuerlich nicht abschließend einschätzen. Daher bietet die Finanzverwaltung die Möglichkeit, für geplante aber noch nicht verwirklichte Sachverhalte eine verbindliche Auskunft zu beantragen und die steuerlichen Folgen abzuklären.

Expert Opinion Services

Tax issues applying to you or your business are complex, diverse and ever changing, both locally and internationally. We at Hofmann & Fertig recognise that you may not have the time or the resources to dedicate to this highly specialised but critically important area of your personal affairs or business so, to ensure that you (or your clients) remain in compliance with applicable tax laws and regulations and, importantly, optimise your (or your client’s) tax position, we offer a broad range of expert opinion services in the following key areas:

  • Income tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Inheritance and gift tax
  • Rorganization of companies

We provide opinion services to a wide variety of individuals and businesses, including private individuals, high net worth or sophisticated investors, companies, lawyers, notaries and other tax consultants addressing both German and international tax related matters with our experience extending to:

  • Providing one-off or regular bespoke pieces of advice on applicable tax laws and regulations
  • Reviewing and providing a second opinion on complicated tax matters
  • Conducting or consulting on (internal and external) tax audits
  • Delivering expert opinions in tax related investigations or court proceedings

As proven and certified experts in the above fields of practice, we are committed to providing quality, commercial and pragmatic expert tax advice and opinions specifically tailored to your (or your client’s) needs. As a boutique practice, we are also renowned for being adaptable and versatile in the manner in which we are mandated and ultimately deliver our services and would open to working directly with you or together with your other advisers or consultants.
We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your expert tax advice / opinion needs with you on a no obligation basis so please contact us.

Hofmann & Fertig is a tax consulting professional partnership based in Frankfurt/Main Westend area that offers tax consulting services and expertise to domestic and internationally based companies and individuals.

For the second conescutive year the business paper Handelsblatt ranked Hofmann & Fertig also in 2018 among Germany’s top tax advisors in Frankfurt am Main. With our long-standing experience working for leading international professional services firms in Germany and Switzerland, we have extensive experience in delivering tax advice to local and international companies as well as private clients. Pursuant to such experience, we are well versed in and familiar with the methods and processes of the German tax system and have established good working relationships and lines of communication with representatives of the German tax authorities.

As an independent tax practice, we strive to gain an in depth knowledge and understanding of our clients and their unique tax needs and requirements with the ultimate goal of delivering expert and tailored tax advice and solutions at an economical rate.

We are fluent in both German and English and, as part of a well-connected business network of public notaries, lawyers and consultants, can also offer extended advice and services in relation to general business and legal matters.

We provide services as tax advisors, expert for tax succession planning and international tax law all over Germany, however, in particular in the Rhein Main Area in Frankfurt am Main, Bad Homburg, Königstein, Kronberg, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Offenbach and Aschaffenburg and also in Hamburg, München, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hanover, Freiburg or Nuremberg.

To discuss your tax needs please contact us.

We are tax consulting professional partnership based in Frankfurt/Main Westend area and look forward to meet you in person in our office in Frankfurt but also in other locations. Please use the following contact details or the subsequent contact form.

Hofmann & Fertig

Partnerschaft aus Steuerberatern mbB

Schumannstr. 27
60325 Frankfurt / Main

Tel +49 69 8720 3390
Fax +49 69 8720 3395


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Andreas is one of the founding partners at Hofmann & Fertig. He studied business adminis­tration with a focus on tax law and finance at the University of Applied Sciences in Wuerzburg, graduating in 2005. Following his studies, he worked for five years in the corporate tax department of Pricewaterhouse­Coopers in Frankfurt/Main where he advised both corporates and individuals in relation to domestic and inter­national taxation matters and then proceeded to successfully pass the German Tax Advisor exam in 2008. Having gained extensive experience in private practice, Andreas then moved in‑house to become an internal tax advisor for Celanese, a leading US chemical company, where he focused on tax structuring and the implementation of cross-border transactions. To enhance his international taxation experience, Andreas then joined the tax practice of Allen & Overy, a leading international English law firm, where he advised domestic and international clients primarily with respect to tax structuring, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate reorganization matters.

Areas of specialization

Pursuant to his over thirteen years’ of professional experience, Andreas has gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of key areas of domestic and international taxation including:

  • Corporate tax
  • Corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions
  • Succession planning

As a tax advisor with both private practice and in-house experience, Andreas is well qualified to provide comprehensive support to his clients with respect to all of their tax needs. He places great importance on utilizing his extensive skills and expertise to deliver and implement value added practical solutions to his clients. He is a frequent author of professional articles and, due to his considerable stays abroad in the USA and Australia, Andreas is proficient in delivering advice also in English (English speaking tax advisor).

Published work

A selection of our published work is available here.


  • Chambers of Tax Advisors Hesse (Steuerberaterkammer Hessen)
  • Germann Association of Tax Advisors Hesse (StBV Hessen e.V.)
  • FORUM Transaktionen im Steuerrecht e.V.

As one of the founding partners of Hofmann & Fertig, Nadine has accumulated over 10 years’ of professional experience advising private wealth individuals, and family and medium sized businesses. Nadine initially trained at Ernst & Young, Frankfurt/Main and became a tax consultant (Steuer­fach­angestellte) in 2001. She then studied at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt/Main as well as at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and graduated with a Business Administration Degree in 2007. During her training and studies, Nadine gained professional experience in US tax law whilst working for a German-US accounting and tax firm in New York. Following her studies, Nadine worked for Pricewaterhouse­Coopers in Frankfurt/Main and passed the exam to become a Certified German Tax Advisor in 2010. After PwC and before founding Hofmann & Fertig, Nadine worked for a boutique tax advisory practice in Zurich, Switzerland and subsequently as head of the Frankfurt/Main office of the firm.

Areas of specialization

With her extensive training and international experience, Nadine is able to provide invaluable market insights tailored to the individual needs of her clients to optimize their tax position and safeguard their interests ultimately serving to contribute to the ongoing success of their businesses. Nadine specializes in the following areas and is also experienced in providing advice in English:

  • Succession planning (corporates and individuals)
  • Expatriate tax consulting services
  • Current tax advisory services
  • Advice on self-disclosures and voluntary amendments of tax returns (Selbstanzeigenberatung)

Published work

A selection of our published work is available here.


  • Chambers of Tax Advisors Hesse (Steuerberaterkammer Hessen)
  • Germann Association of Tax Advisors Hesse (StBV Hessen e.V.)
  • Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (Germany)

Katja initially trained at a medium-sized tax firm and became a tax consultant (Steuerfachangestellte) in 2006. Following her training she worked for a few months in Ireland as a business clerk. She then studied Business Administration and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in 2011. In 2012 she continued with her university studies and is expected to graduate with a Master’s degree in international tax law by the end of 2017. Due to the dual nature of her studies, she has been working as a team leader since 2012 in medium-sized tax firms primarily focussing on tax compliance and process improvements with respect to digitalisation.

Areas of specialization

Katja has more than 12 years of professional experience in medium-sized tax firms and advises primarily in the area of tax compliance and process improvements with respect to digitalisation. In this context she focuses on forward-thinking business consulting. Based on her profound working experience she specializes in the following areas:

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Structuring
  • Budget Planning
  • Digitalisation

It is of her prime interest to promptly deliver up to date analyses on which basis her clients can take profound management decisions. Potential budget deviations and suitable measures will be agreed on in personal meetings.

Published work

A selection of our published work is available here.

Ingo Padtberg finished his studies of business law and taxation before he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in the international income tax department with focus on international assignments. During his employment he passed the exam to become a Certified German Tax Advisor in 2012. In 2013 he was assigned to PwC Zürich, Switzerland, until 2015 where he worked as a tax manager for Swiss income and source tax cases with focus on German / Swiss border commuters and assignments.

Areas of Specialisation

Ingo Padtberg is an expert for international income tax with focus on tax consulting and compliance for expatriate cases for employer and employees. Due to his long-term experience in this area and his international assignment he can offer cost optimized solutions along with actual expatriate practice for employers as well as tax compliance and structuring for cross border tax situations of individual tax payers. All following services can be provided in German and English language:

  • International income tax consulting and compliance with focus on Swiss / German tax solutions
  • Expatriate tax consulting
  • Wage tax compliance (expatriate payroll) for employers

Published work

A selection of our published work is available here.


  • Chambers of Tax Advisors Hesse (Steuerberaterkammer Hessen)

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Information in accordance with section 5 German Telemedia Act (TMG)

Hofmann & Fertig
Partnerschaft aus Steuerberatern mbB

Schumannstraße 27
60325 Frankfurt am Main
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Fax: +49 69 8720 3395

Entries at the German District Court

Registered Seat: Frankfurt/Main – German District Court (Amtsgericht) Frankfurt/Main
Registered Number: PR 2310

Legal Form

Limited Liability Partnership (Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mit beschränkter Berufshaftung)

VAT-ID No. in accordance with section 27a
of the German VAT Act


Partners and power of representation

Certified German Tax Advisor Nadine Hofmann (Steuerberaterin)
Certified German Tax Advisor Andreas Fertig (Steuerberater)

The job titles Certified German Tax Advisors were awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Regulating and supervisory authority

Steuerberaterkammer Hessen
Bleichstraße 1
60313 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon: +49 69 15 30 02 – 0
Telefax: +49 69 15 30 02 – 60

Regulated Professions / Independent Professions

Professional regulations applicable for Certified German Tax Advisors:

  • Tax Advisory Act (StBerG)
  • Tax Advisory Act Ordinance (DVStB)
  • Tax Advisors´ Professional Code of Conduct (BOStB)
  • Regulation on Tax Advisors´ Fees (StBVV)

The regulations can be accessed at:

Details of professional indemnity insurance

Gothaer Versicherung
Gothaer-Allee 1
50969 Köln

Extent of insurance cover

Germany, the foreign countries of Europe, Members of the European Union and members of the states of the EEA (European Economic Area) and Turkey as well as states in the area of the former Soviet Union.


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